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Distance Learning



In addition to a traditional classroom setting, Atoka Public School is allowing students a full-time distance learning option for the 2020-2021 school year.  Students who opt-in to this model will continue to be enrolled at Atoka Public School; however, they will receive their instruction at home, virtually, from our teachers and not attend classes on campus. A computer (or tablet) and internet access will be required and must be provided by the parent (Wireless internet may also be accessed from the visitor parking lot at the football field). Below, please find the requirements and expectations for full-time distance learning. Students who do not demonstrate success as a full-time distance learning student may be subject to returning to the traditional classroom environment. All students, enrolled in Atoka Public School, including distance learners, must take all state mandated tests. Parents will be responsible for providing transportation to school for state testing. 




As we begin distance learning, it is important to establish expectations so we can maximize the success of each student. Students are required to check their school email, maintain contact with each of their teachers, and log-in to each of their classes daily via Google Classroom. Daily attendance will be gathered in this manner. Students will be responsible for the daily lessons and assignments based on the individual timelines for each as directed by the teacher of that individual class. Students will be required to submit work to demonstrate mastery and will receive a grade for all assignments. Please submit completed work in the manner requested by the teacher and by the established deadline. If you are having technical difficulties, please contact your teacher for help. Full-time distance learning students who wish to participate in extracurricular activities must conform to additional requirements as directed by the coach or advisor of that activity, including but not limited to certain in-person daily attendance requirements. Teachers will be available for all students on Friday’s while school is in session for tutoring and extra help. Please contact your teacher to set up an appointment.




Full-time distance learning is a collaborative effort between the school and home, and parents must play an instrumental role in assisting in the education of their child. Parents should monitor their student’s progress, track student grades, and maintain communication with the school and the teachers. If an address, email, or phone number changes, please contact the school. IEP driven services for full-time distance learners will be addressed by school personnel through direct communication with parents.  


Thank you for your patience as we carefully and thoughtfully plan for a safe and healthy return for all Atoka Public School students. If you have any questions, please contact your site office at 580-889-6611.