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Great Horned Owl


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Facts about the TIGRIS family

•  "Mrs. Tiger" is a wild Great Horned Owl and is the mother of the eggs. It's her 5th time laying and 2nd time brooding eggs that we know of.The daddy is named "Mr. Tiger". 

 Egg 1 owlet named "Tigris." Hatched 2-22-13 @ 7:03PM

• Egg 2 owlet named "Teegra." Hatched 2-24-13 @ 1:00PM

• Mrs. Tiger is nesting at a home in Oklahoma City in the 2nd story iron planter ledge inside a niche with 3 planter boxes. She dug her own nest in the dirt.

Why is the owl called "Mrs. Tiger"?
When we got our first good look at her on the nest last year, Alessondra noted that her markings were very similar to a tiger's. So she decided to name her "Mrs. Tiger". Incidentally, GHOs are often referred to historically as "Flying Tiger."

What is "Hooty Call"?!
The term we use to describe the times at night when Mrs. Tiger and Mr. Tiger "hoot" back and forth to each other, usually signaling that a food delivery from Mr. T is drawing near.

What is the "Convertible Pose" people often refer to?
When brooding, Mrs. T made a habit of resting her wing over the side of the planter pot. It made her look rather relaxed and casual…as if she was cruising in a convertible. It was an often-commented-upon tendency by mods and chatters.

When does Mrs. Tiger get to eat?
Mrs. T chooses to take short breaks away from the eggs to grab a bite or just take a stretch. While on the nest, Mrs. T usually gets food brought by Mr. T to allow her to stay on the eggs.

How can the owlets stay warm on the dirt without any nesting material?
To help with incubation, female owls have a sparsely feathered brood patch on their bellies that has a higher percentage of blood vessels than other parts of the skin. Blood flow through these vessels creates a good source of heat for the eggs.


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