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The “Legend”

Posted Date: 09/21/2022

The “Legend”

Because of the terrible ferocity of this deadly creature, very few people have seen it and lived to tell the truth. This beast that moves with the velocity of a cheetah is a cross between a wildcat, a badger, and a Lobo wolf. It is well known although its actual existence may still be doubted. The very fact that veteran woodsmen make every effort to caution the novice against falling into the clutches of a Wampus Cat should be sufficient proof of its existence.

The Wampus Cat is a long lean animal with deep blood-colored maroon markings on its golden fur. He has six legs, four for running with the speed of light and two for fighting with all his might. The frightful beast has yet to become extinct. On the slightest provocation, it will fly into such a terrific frenzy of rage that it will attack and rend into pieces anything in its path.

The Wampus Cat is usually encountered near the center of some dark dismal swamp, frequently by hunters who have become misled on the way back to camp. The trail of the Wampus Cat is invariably marked with torn and uprooted trees, mangled brush, and tufts of bloody fur. Too much emphasis cannot be laid on the deadly nature of this creature; even after it has been shot and mounted, a stuffed Wampus Cat has been known to regenerate in the shadows of night and tear the owner to shreds!