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Student Surveys

Atoka Public School students will participate in voluntary surveys throughout the grant cycle to aid the district in identifying needs to provide prevention programs and services tailored to the needs of our district. Consent forms are required for parent permission to participate and are included in student enrollment forms. Parents may opt out of surveys for their students by not signing consent or by contacting the Atoka Public Schools office.

OPNA – The OPNA survey is not associated directly with Project AWARE, but the district will use the data to identify needed prevention services which AWARE can help support. 

Oklahoma Prevention Needs Assessment (OPNA) – The OPNA is a bienniel survey of public, private, and charter school students in the 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grades.  The survey is a project of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (ODMHSAS), and has been conducted in Oklahoma since 2004.  The OPNA is a robust tool for providing direction to schools, districts, and communities to effectively improve the lives of students across a variety of issues including alcohol, tobacco, other drug use, mental health, academic failure, and violence. The OPNA measures problem behaviors and risk and protective factors, which are attitudes, behaviors, and opinions that research has shown to be highly correlated with these health risk behaviors. 

For more information see the FAQ guide here:

To view the OPNA survey instruments by grade level:

Additional supplemental questions can be viewed here:



APS will administer the Early Identification System (EIS) through Project AWARE. 

Here’s a closer look:


To view questions included in the EIS:  District EIS Questionnaire

WHY: APS will use the EIS data to determine student needs and will work closely with parents to identiy school or community-based supports. Effectively identifying early signs and symptoms related to student well being can lead to better student outcomes.

HOW: Teachers (lower elementary) and students (upper elementary) will complete the EIS, an easy to use, 34 item tool designed to gather information regarding student well-being.


Informative Article:  Thompson2021_Article_ConfirmatoryFactorStructureAnd.pdf

Any other questions may be answered by Project Aware Community Manager, Michelle Allen or Project Aware Mental Health Therapist Teresa Kennison at 580-889-6611.